Why Vote YES on Question 3 to Roll Back the Sales Tax to 3%?

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Tuesday, November 2nd, Massachusetts voters will decide on Ballot Question3:

  • Vote No to keep the state sales tax at 6.25% or
  • Vote Yes to roll it back to 3%.

Polls say Question 3 is too close to call. It may win or lose – depending on what action you take now.

The Teachers Unions have poured over $4.5 million into Negative Advertising to scare people into voting against Question 3.

The YES on 3 folks are a small, grassroots campaign with no ad budget. Voters need to hear what’s good for families – not just what’s good for the Unions.

Please view one or two of these short YES on 3 videos NOW — so you hear the other side of Ballot Question 3.

1. YES on 3: A Jobs-Creating Machine for Massachusetts

2. Why Vote YES on 3 to Roll Back the Sales Tax to 3%?

3. What the Teachers Union Prays You Won’t Find Out Before Election Day, November 2nd

4. Incumbent State Rep. Dan Webster advocates YES on 3

5. Tom Keyes, Local Official and Efficiency Expert, Says YES on 3

Please forward this message NOW to every Massachusetts voter you know who:

  • wants a tax rollback
  • wants more jobs
  • wants to cut government waste, or
  • simply wants to be informed and hear all sides before voting.

And be sure to vote YES on Question 3 Tuesday, November 2nd. Your vote may make the difference.


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