Why Vote Yes on 3 to Roll Back the Sales Tax to 3%?

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7 Responses to “Why Vote Yes on 3 to Roll Back the Sales Tax to 3%?”

  1. Gordon Allen says:

    I have intended to vote “yes” as soon as I found out about the Ballot Question 3. I even renewed my “expired” voting card strictly for this reason.

    About this video? It moves too fast. I had to re-run it a few times and hit “pause” on the answers that popup so I could “get” what they were (I can’t read & understand as fast as I used to).

    You need to add a few seconds to each answer in this video.

    Gordon Allen
    Methuen, MA 01844

  2. Harold Crowell says:

    These 2 videos provide a 1 – 2 knockout blow to the case for keeping the 6% sales tax rate!

    I’m writing a letter to the editor of my paper based on the arguments of these 2 videos!

  3. fallingman says:

    Well done. Concise and compelling.

  4. Chuck says:

    If I were a Ma. res. & wavering I’d vote Yes

  5. RE Jones says:

    Why does anyone believe this kind of fear mongering that uses scare tactics and trows numbers without source information. OR twists statistics to push their fears and uses melodramatic sound track to get you in the mood?

    Because they are pushing lies and half truths.

  6. Carla says:

    You must be referring to the Teachers Unions ads that are chock full of fuzzy – if not just plain made up – math. For example, they like to pretend that much of hte budget is non-discretionary. In fact everything in the budget is discretionary – except for a small handful of line items required by the constitution. And nowhere in the constitution does it mandate overspending or waste.

    The lawmakers who voted to make spending “non-discretionary” can vote to make it discretionary – as they do any time they feel like cutting spending in a certain area. This is usually done to try to scare voters into paying higher taxes.

  7. VivaLaMigra says:

    The public sector unions are the ones screaming that “The Sky is Falling!” if taxes are cut. In reality, a tax cut will force the pol’s to finally eliminate the waste…

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