The People

About half of likely voters support YES on 3: Taxpayers, job seekers, independents, lower and middle-income workers of all political parties, small businesses, independent store owners, Tea Party groups, GOP town and city committee members and hundreds of current and former city and town officials across Massachusetts support YES on 3.

An even larger percentage of non-voters support this broad-based tax cut. IF THESE VOTERS WOULD REGISTER TO VOTE – AND SHOW UP AT THE POLLS AND VOTE – THIS TAX CUT WILL WIN!

Massachusetts 2010 Candidates

The following 2010 Massachusetts candidates endorse Ballot Question 3.

Statewide Candidates:

Bill Campbell – Secretary of State
Jim McKenna – Attorney General

US House Candidates:

Bill Gunn- US Representative 1st Congressional
Marty Lamb – US Representative 3rd Congressional
Patrick Barron – US Representative 3rd Congressional
Bill Hudak – US Representative 6th Congressional
Gerry Dembrowski – US Representative 7th Congressional
Vernon Harrison – US Representative 9th Congressional

District Candidates:

Governor’s Council:

Rich Mitchell – Governor’s Council 2nd District
Paul A Caruccio – Governor’s Council 6th District
Mike Franco – Governor’s Council 8th District

State Senate:

(Click on the district link to see which towns are covered by that district)

James Crocker, Jr – State Senate Cape and Islands
Thomas McCarthy – State Senate 1st Hampden and Hampshire
David Carnevale – State Senate 2nd Middlesex
Sandi Martinez – State Senate 3rd Middlesex
Tom Keyes – State Senate Plymouth and Barnstable
Brad Williams – State Senate Suffolk and Norfolk
Daniel D Dubrule – State Senate Worcester Hampden Hampshire Franklin

State Representative:

Randy Hunt – State Rep 5th Barnstable
Michael Case – State Rep 2nd Berkshire
Janet Holmes – State Rep 5th Essex
Kevin Begley – State Rep 14th Essex
Hector Montalvo (I) – State Rep 15th Essex
Chuck Kuniewich (I) – State Rep 3rd Middlsex
Steven Levy – State Rep 4th Middlesex
Jim Rizoli (I) – State Rep 6th Middlesex
Jonathan Loya – State Rep 8th Middlesex
Gary Lowell (I) – State Rep 3rd Norfolk
Carlton Alan Chambers (I) – State Rep 3rd Plymouth
Dan Webster – State Rep 6th Plymouth
Geoff Diehl – State Rep 7th Plymouth
John Cruz – State Rep 10th Plymouth
Brad MarstonState Rep8th Suffolk
Rodney Josephson – State Rep 5th Worcester
James Gettens, Jr – State Rep 12th Worcester
Paul J Franco – State Rep 13th Worcester
Ryan Fattman – State Rep 18th Worcester

Candidates who ran in 2010 primary elections:

Kamal Jain – State Auditor
Keith Davis – Lt. Governor
Earl Sholley – US Representative 4th Congressional
Tom Weaver – US Representative 5th Congressional
Joe Ureneck – Governor’s Council 1st District
Sean Downing – State Senate 1st Essex
Patrick Rahilly – State Senate 2nd Essex and Middlesex
David Saad – State Rep 4th Bristol
Ray Igou – State Rep 9th Essex
Stanley Novak – State Rep 14th Essex
Sal Tabit – State Rep 17th Essex
John Thorlin – State Rep 18th Essex
Dean Vogel – State Rep 6th Hampden
Ben Quelle – State Rep 12th Plymouth

To see which of these Pro-Taxpayer candidates are running for office in your districts, click here. After entering your address, click “Find My Election information”, then scroll down to the section “Who are My Elected Officials.” Note the districts of the incumbents under “District Representatives.”


Organizations/Media that endorse Question 3

National Taxpayers Union

Boston Herald: “Count us in the YES on 3 camp.”

Gloucester Times: “Let’s face it: Fears of what this type of cut would bring aren’t really rooted in the need to preserve services.

“They’re rooted in the desire to preserve unconscionable wage and benefit packages for public employees. If these officials really care about services, they will make the kinds of concessions those in the private sector have been making for most of this decade”

Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby:
“A vote for Question 3 is a vote to grab state government by the collar and give it a shaking it can’t ignore. Pass up this chance, and you may not get another.”

WRKO’s Howie Carr:
“We’ve tried to be nice to them; we’ve tried to wean the government employee unions off of big government and high taxes, but they are addicted; they are taxaholics. It’s time for them to go cold turkey with Yes on 3.”

WTKK’s Jay Severin:
“Do it for yourself; do it for your family. Vote Yes on 3.”

WTKK’s Michael Graham:
“The ‘No on 3’ crowd is trying to steal Yes on 3’s strongest argument, making the ludicrous claim that cutting sales taxes will kill jobs. Find an economist anywhere who believes that. Or a single Bay Stater running a business on the New Hampshire border.”

We thank all who endorsed Question 3 for their support!