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No Federal Bailouts for State or Local Governments

An Open Letter to the 242 Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives
From Michael Cloud and Carla Howell
The Center For Small Government

Hooray! Treasurer-elect Grossman puts state checkbook online

After being elected Treasurer in November 2010, Democrat Steve Grossman announced he will fulfill one of his key campaign promises: Grossman to put state checkbook online Grossman ran on government financial transparency after one of Question 3’s sponsors, Kamal Jain, rain on the issue in his 2010 campaign for auditor. Spokespersons for Question 3 also […]

A Big Thank You to YES on 3 Supporters

Thank you to the approximately 965,000 voters of Massachusetts who voted YES on 3. This was our highest vote total ever, despite heavily-funded opposition. A very special thanks to every one of you who rolled up your sleeves and helped. Who donated. Who helped collect 111,000 petition signatures and did other critical volunteer work. Who […]

Economists Give ‘Thumbs Up’ to Question 3

“Ballot Question 3 would create 27,199 more private sector jobs…Increased competitiveness and the demand for labor would result in a $73.50 million increase in annual investment, while gross wages would increase by $1.03 billion.”

– Research findings by independent Economists at the Beacon Hill Institute

The Shameful Greed of the Teachers Unions

Despite claims of “painful cuts,” spending on K-12 schools in Massachusetts has gone up every year during this recession. More school spending, more hiring, pay increases and bigger benefits – in the middle of the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Are they really doing what’s best for your children? Or what’s best for the Teachers Unions?

YES on 3 is a Great Deal for Cities and Towns – and You!

The opponents of Question 3 are threatening that, if it passed, the legislature would be forced to cut subsidies to local cities and towns. This is merely a scare tactic to get you to vote No.

But what if they did cut local aid? How would your town – and your family – fare?

Gloucester Times: Vote ‘yes’ on Question 3

Gloucester Times Massachusetts voters will have a chance in Tuesday’s election to finally put the brakes on the unrelenting appetite of elected officials for tax increases. And despite many state and local officials’ hue and cry to the contrary, voters should seize this landmark opportunity. Question 3 would mandate a cut in the sales tax […]

USA Today features YES on 3 on Front Page

USA Today headline story of today (10/18/10) features Massachusetts ballot Question 3 to roll back the sales tax to 3% : “Carla Howell, chairwoman of the Alliance to Roll Back Taxes, hopes the Massachusetts vote will start a national movement to cut sales taxes, just as California’s Proposition 13, which cut property taxes and […]

How much does the state government spend every year?

$52 billion in total state spending according to the Massachusetts audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for fiscal year 2009 published by the Comptroller of the Commonwealth. That’s on top of another $22 billion that the cities and towns spend, which is paid for by your local taxes. That’s $74 billion total, or about $21,765 per Massachusetts […]

National Taxpayers Union Endorses YES on 3

The National Taxpayers Union released their 2010 Ballot Guide, a comprehensive catalog of about 100 statewide and almost 460 local ballot measures in 33 states, affecting tax and spending policies that will be decided on November 2, 2010.  NTU gave Ballot Question 3 their highest pro-taxpayer ranking, and highlighted us on the Front Page of […]