A Big Thank You to YES on 3 Supporters

The final results are in, and we did not roll back the Massachusetts sales tax – this time.

We’ll have much more to say about yesterday’s election results.

But for now, we just want to say:

Thank you to the approximately 965,000 voters of Massachusetts who voted YES on 3.

This was our highest vote total ever, despite heavily-funded opposition.

A very special thanks to every one of you rolled up your sleeves and helped. Who donated. Who volunteered. Who talked to your friends and neighbors. Who wrote letters to editors and called talk shows. Who blogged and sent emails.

You are the ones who walk the talk. Who stood up for the taxpayers, the job-seekers, the small business owners and the workers – and for our future.

We honor you, appreciate you, and thank you for actively supporting the 2010 ballot initiative to Roll Back the Massachusetts Sales Tax to 3%.

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3 Responses to “A Big Thank You to YES on 3 Supporters”

  1. Edward Teyssier says:

    You need to figure out the ratio of money we spent vs. the money the unions spent….
    If it was, say, 10 to 1, then that means for every dollar we spent we take 10 dollars from the union’s campaigns.


  2. Dan says:

    The Chamber of Commerce should be ashamed. No visible effort by the Chamber to help roll back the sales tax. The Mass Retail Association lacked effort. The city of Haverhill voted YES on Q3. All the NO votes… most voters took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. Too bad most Mass voters do not understand fiscal responsibility.

    However, thank you so much for your great effort.

  3. Kenny says:

    Question 3 was arguably the most conservative thing on the ballot.
    The fact that more people voted Yes on 3 than voted for RINOs Charlie Baker and Rich Tisei is an encouraging sign, I think.

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