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$3.8 Trillion Obama budget way too high? Republican budget: $3.7 Trillion

Second Open Letter to the 242 Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives:
Last year, you campaigned against President Obama’s reckless, irresponsible, ‘socialist’ budget of $3.8 Trillion. You promised voters to roll back federal spending. We elected you to do just that.

What are you giving us? A federal budget of $3.7 Trillion.

No Federal Bailouts for State Governments or Local Governments

An Open Letter to the 242 Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives
From Michael Cloud and Carla Howell
The Center For Small Government

Thanksgiving ‘Thank You’ – from Carla Howell & Michael Cloud

Dear Tax-Cut Supporter, Thanksgiving is a truly American holiday. It celebrates production and prosperity – and gratitude. This Thanksgiving, we are celebrating you. Your work for Ballot Question 3, to roll back the sales tax to 3% advanced the cause of small government. You publicized and promoted the blessings of reducing tax burdens. By talking [...]

Hooray! Treasurer-elect Grossman to put state checkbook online

Treasurer-elect Steve Grossman announced he will fulfill one of his key campaign promises: put state checkbook online:

A Big Thank You to YES on 3 Supporters

The final results are in, and we did not roll back the Massachusetts sales tax – this time. We’ll have much more to say about yesterday’s election results. But for now, we just want to say: Thank you to the approximately 965,000 voters of Massachusetts who voted YES on 3. This was our highest vote [...]

Turn your ballots over – Question 3 is on the back of the ballot

Question 3 is on the back of the ballot please be sure to turn your ballots over and Vote Yes on Question 3 to Roll Back the Sales Tax to 3%.

Economists Give ‘Thumbs Up’ to Question 3

“Ballot Question 3 would create 27,199 more private sector jobs…Increased competitiveness and the demand for labor would result in a $73.50 million increase in annual investment, while gross wages would increase by $1.03 billion.”

- Research findings by independent Economists at the Beacon Hill Institute

Will you do these 2 simple things?

Your vote tomorrow FOR Ballot Question 3 matters. Morally and politically. Your YES on 3 vote tomorrow FOR rolling back the sales tax to 3% could actually tip the scales – and give us a victory. The vote margin may be razor thin. Ask US Senator Harry Reid. In 1998, he won the US Senate [...]

Election Night Celebration

7:00 PM – ? British Beer Company Pub at Best Western in Framingham 120 Worcester Road Route 9 Eastbound Please join us Tuesday evening any time after 7:00 PM at the BBC (British Beer Company), which is the pub at the Best Western in Framingham. Directions Half way between I-495 and I-95 / Route 128 [...]

The Shameful Greed of the Teachers Unions

Despite claims of “painful cuts,” spending on K-12 schools in Massachusetts has gone up every year during this recession. More school spending, more hiring, pay increases and bigger benefits – in the middle of the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Are they really doing what’s best for your children? Or what’s best for the Teachers Unions?