$3.8 Trillion Obama budget way too high? Republican budget: $3.7 Trillion

Second Open Letter to the 242 Republicans

in the U.S. House of Representatives

From Michael Cloud and Carla Howell

The Center For Small Government

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Honorable Republican Representatives,

Last year, you campaigned against President Obama’s reckless, irresponsible, ‘socialist’ budget of $3.8 Trillion.

You promised voters to roll back federal spending. To reduce the deficit. To get the federal government on the path to solvency and fiscal sanity.

We elected you to do just that.

What are you giving us? A federal budget of $3.7 Trillion. A $1.2 Trillion Deficit – which increases the national debt to over $15.3 Trillion.

Speaker John Boehner is working on a Republican budget that will reduce total federal spending this year to $3.74 Trillion.

The Conservative Republican Study Committee Representatives are calling for a budget that will reduce total federal spending to $3.7 Trillion.

Your ‘frugal, budget-cutting, conservative’ reforms cut federal spending between 1.7% and 2.6%*. That’s it? That’s your idea of serious budget cuts?

Obama’s $3.8 Trillion in federal spending is ‘socialist’, but your $3.7 Trillion federal budget is conservative?

The Tea Party Test: How much is your federal budget? Write that number next to last year’s total federal government spending of $3.8 Trillion. If it’s not a lot lower, you fail.

Cutting a mere $38 Billion from last year’s budget is only a 1% reduction. Chump change.

You need to make spending cuts for this year’s budget in multiples of $38 billion – not fractions of $38 billion.

This is the political Honeymoon for your 242 member Republican Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

This is your time of maximum goodwill and the strongest support from those who elected you.

This year, give us a first Republican budget that’s 5% to 15% lower than last year’s federal spending.

Next year, make your second Republican House budget another 5% to 15% lower.

Two steps toward balancing the federal budget.

Two steps toward keeping faith with Tea Party supporters and sympathizers, fiscal conservatives, libertarians, and independents. Toward attracting more like-minded supporters – and voters for 2012.

Two steps that just might jump start the American economy, revitalize small businesses, and trigger a 2012 hiring boom.

Much Lower Federal Spending Is Possible,

Carla Howell and Michael Cloud
Publishers, Small Government News
Center For Small Government
Sponsors of Massachusetts Ballot Initiatives:
2010: Roll Back the Sales Tax to 3% ( RollBackTaxes.com)
2008 and 2002: End the State Income Tax ( SmallGovernmentAct.org)

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