Thanksgiving ‘Thank You’ – from Carla Howell & Michael Cloud

Dear Tax-Cut Supporter,

Thanksgiving is a truly American holiday.

It celebrates production and prosperity – and gratitude.

This Thanksgiving, we are celebrating you.

Your work for Ballot Question 3, to roll back the sales tax to 3% advanced the cause of small government.

You publicized and promoted the blessings of reducing tax burdens. By talking with family and friends, co-workers and neighbors. By forwarding our email messages and YouTube videos. By sending people to our website and Facebook page.

Your donations for Ballot Question 3 paid the costs of collecting 117,000 petition signatures, the costs of putting our Initiative on the Ballot.

Your donations paid for thousands and thousands of Yard Signs, bumper stickers, and campaign fliers.

Your donations forced the Big Government, High Tax Teachers Unions to discuss and debate the merits of less government and lower taxes.

Your work and donations provoked the Teachers Unions and other government unions to burn up $4.65 million – mostly in advertising – to scare voters out of reducing the sales tax.

You forced the Teachers Unions to sweat out an estimated 192,000 hours of UNPAID Volunteer Work to prevent a sales tax cut.

Your support helped drain Teacher Union Campaign Coffers by $4.65 million – and weakened them.

You helped us garner 965,000 votes – 50,000 MORE tax cut votes than in 2008.

You helped us do to the Teachers Unions what General George Washington did to the British Generals during the first half of the American Revolution. You stung them. Delayed them. Frustrated them. Caused them to squander $4.65 million.

Your involvement made a difference. Your donation had an impact. And helped us whittle down the campaign debt to only $25,800.

We are thankful for your help.

We are grateful for your support.

True Thanksgiving: for who you are – and what you have done.

Small government is possible.

Your friends,

Carla Howell and Michael Cloud

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