Kamal Jain is Co-Sponsor of YES on 3

Republican Primary candidate for Massachusetts State Auditor Kamal Jain strongly endorses ballot Question 3 to roll back the sales tax to 3%. In fact, he’s a co-signer of the original petition. Check it out!

Kamal Jain’s vision of Total Transparency would make rolling back the sales tax to 3% easy. With his plan to put every state transaction online, imagine how easy it would be to find $2.3 billion to cut out of the $52 billion the Massachusetts legislature spends today (a 5% reduction).

Most Massachusetts voters believe that 41 cents out of every dollar the state government spends is waste. Kamal Jain’s Total Transparency plan would reveal — in excruciating detail — that 41%.  More than $20 billion in government waste, patronage, overspending and sweetheart deals.

It would shed light on spending items that are lower-priority than allowing taxpayers to keep their hard-earned pay needed to support their families, pay their bills, pay off debts, and have some financial security to protect against job losses.

Kamal Jain’s Total Transparency plan would put extreme pressure on the legislature and governor to make meaningful spending cuts, resulting in a massive boost for the private sector and hundreds of thousands of desperately needed new jobs.

This is why Kamal Jain’s vision for Total Transparency is so powerful and would be so beneficial to the citizens of Massachusetts. It would not only make the spending choices necessary to accommodate rolling back the sales tax clear. It would show that we can cut other taxes as well. The income tax. Property taxes. Any of the hundreds of other taxes levied in this state.

And give it all back to the taxpayers who earned.

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