How much does rolling back the sales tax to 3% cut state spending?

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  • How much would rolling back the sales tax to 3% reduce state spending? Just $2.34 billion. Out of $52 billion. Less than 5% of total state spending.
  • This requires no reduction in city or town spending and no reduction in local aid.
  • Keep in mind that $52 billion is just what the state government spends. Cities and towns spend an additional $22 billion, every year, paid for by your local taxes (on top of the $5 billion cities and towns get in “local aid” from the state.)
  • How much of that $52 billion is government waste, pork, patronage, and sweetheart deals? 20%? 30%? 40%?
  • Does cutting state spending just 5% go far enough?
  • How much have Massachusetts families been forced to cut since the recession began in 2008 – while state spending continued to rise?
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