Carla Howell debates Question 3 with Broadside host Jim Braude on New England Cable News

Watch the 7-minute debate between Carla Howell – for YES on 3 to Roll Back the Sales Tax to 3% – and NECN host of Broadside, Jim Braude, who opposes.

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10 Responses to “Carla Howell debates Question 3 with Broadside host Jim Braude on New England Cable News”

  1. Don Donovan says:

    Thanks so much Carla! There are many many people who appreciate your group’s efforts.

    If this doesn’t pass the situation is truly hopeless.


  2. jay says:

    this lady knows nothing of economics. She is obviously trying to attract support for something. If the government does not get their money through sales tax, they will have to get it through other taxes. Each individual can control how much they are taxed (through sales tax) by limiting how much they spend on luxury items. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. If you can’t afford your mortgage, you shouldn’t be buying a new care.

  3. David Spuria says:

    All Braude has here is “the legislature won’t implement”. He is pathetic. He is a big government liberal who thinks he’s smarter than you and I.

  4. Donastacia Bergeron says:


    If you’re going to interview someone, will you please stop interrupting and let them finish ONE sentence? I wanted to hear what Ms. Howell had to say, not just your opinion.

    If I believed every word you said, hearing that it doesn’t matter what a voter wins on is irrelevant to the ‘powers that be’ and they won’t invoke it anyway only increases the anger and likelihood for more quiet conservatives like me to come out and insist our votes be taken seriously by those who have been placed in power by ‘us voters’. Maybe our vote to keep them in office shouldn’t be invoked either?

  5. Kenny says:

    Way to go Carla! I’m printing out Yes on 3 fliers and going down to the mall to distribute them!

  6. Barry says:

    I don’t understand why 3% is the “magic” number ? Carla Howell would have guaranteed an overwhelming yes vote if she had taken “baby steps” toward a sales tax reduction to 3%. Why not start with 5%,then 4% so the people could see how cuts in small amounts affect their lives and communities ? I have read both sides and am still on the fence. Five percent would have been a definite yes !

  7. Arkady says:

    Barry, 3% is not a magic number at all. It would be ideally 0%, but 3% are protected by law. Personally, I don’t think this is enough – but it is the best we can do at the time. Baby steps are a good idea only if what you are trying to prevent is also taking baby steps, but MA spending is making giant adult steps. Look at the spendng levels in the past 5 years alone! We tacked on BILLIONS in extra spending, in the face of a recession no less. Why? Because MA politicians know they can just tax it later.

    We need them to dramatically reduce the size and spending, this is not the time for baby steps. People are hurting.

  8. Arkady says:

    Jay, I don’t think insulting a citizen trying to put money back in your pocke and enhance our economy is a very good idea. The sales tax is a very regressive tax and has nothing to do with luxury. You pay taxes on the following items: used cars, home improvement, health care accessories, glasses, cleaning supplies, cooking supplies, etc. Do you believe only the rich use these items?

    Ultimately Becon Hill is asked to reduce 2.5 billion in spending out of 52 billion. Is this really so much to ask?

  9. Alan says:

    Carla, you have fought good fights against incredible odds. Many are very impressed.

    Each time the opponent talks about cutting taxes they roll out aid to cities first. They conjure up cutting teachers, police, fire, contributions to state universities.

    There are basic services and there is waste and non-essential services.

    I think that a full page on your site, with line item detail showing how you cut 2.4Bil from the budget without touch local aid, without cutting essential services is what needs to be on the lips of the voters.

    Please take the time to do this clearly and concisely… even make a film from it. It needs to exist to counter the natural enemy of tax cutting. The fear of cutting essential services.

    I will be contacting you for a lawn sign and to make a contribution very soon.

  10. Carla Howell says:

    Alan – thanks for your support. Please note that we list specific areas of the state budget that can be cut, which total much more than $2.35 billion — the amount that needs to be cut if the sales tax is reduced to 3%.

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