Tax Spenders Lobby Group Issues Its Latest Comedy

The business lobby group that calls itself the Massachusetts “Taxpayers” Foundation, which in reality represents some of the state’s biggest Tax Spenders, has issued their latest comedy illustrating why they share the legislature’s utter incompetence – if not outright betrayal of taxpayers – when it comes to identifying and eliminating government waste. Their latest screed pleads ignorance of the tens of billions of dollars in government waste, pork, patronage, overspending and sweetheart deals in the state’s $52 billion in yearly spending.

This lobby group’s sole concern for the tax consumers which it represents shows its contempt for the everyday taxpayers who have had to cut family budgets by 20% and more while politicians lavishly grew state spending.

A growing list of examples of state government waste prime for cutting can be found at – the website of the Alliance to Roll Back Taxes, sponsor of Ballot Question 3 to roll back the sales tax to 3%.

This tax consumers lobby group focuses on creating and protecting government jobs and largess for politically-connected corporations. They work against the urgent need to create productive, sustainable private sector jobs.

Yes on 3 to roll back the sales tax from 6.25% to 3% will create over 33,000 desperately needed private sector jobs. It will stimulate retail businesses along the northern border that must compete with New Hampshire’s 0% sales tax and along the southern and western borders where a 3% Massachusetts sales tax will bring in shoppers from Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.

Rolling back the sales tax will also provide desperately needed tax relief to working families in our state. Yes on 3 gives back an average of $688 per worker, or $900 per household, every year.

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