NECN covers Question #3 in light of Sales Tax Holiday

From NECN:

Saturday is the start of a sales tax holiday in Massachusetts.

Shoppers are expected to make millions of dollars in tax-free purchases this weekend.

The Massachusetts Retailers Association says stores are expected to see about five times the business of a normal August weekend, meaning hundreds of millions in added revenue.

With each item up to $2,500 tax exempt, retailers expect to move a large amount of stock consumers have been saving up to buy – like appliances, furniture and home improvement supplies.

Even liquor stores anticipate a boost in business, just a year after the state first slapped them with the added tax.

NECN reporter Tom Langford is at the North Shore Mall in Peabody and has more on the story.

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2 Responses to “NECN covers Question #3 in light of Sales Tax Holiday”

  1. Peter Paul says:

    Can’t these ballot initiatives get repealed by the legislature? What’s the use?

  2. Tom says:

    Vote “YES” on question 3. . .

    Passage of Question 3 would place MA in second or third place from the top of the list in the link. Today we are in first place among the 50 states.

    Not much of a change, and there would still be ample money to do what’s necessary on Beacon Hill. . ., but also some more in your wallet

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