Why not just let the legislature vote to reduce our sales tax or income tax?

  • Broad-based tax cuts that benefit everyday workers and taxpayers in Massachusetts happen only by ballot initiative. The legislature only passes targeted taxes cuts that benefit special interests, and only if total tax revenue keeps going up. This has been true for decades and is a primary reason why ballot initiatives are an important tool for those who want less government and more freedom.
  • The Legislature has shown their willingness to increase the sales tax, not decrease it. They voted to increase the sales tax by 25% effective August 1,2009 (from 5% to 6.25%). Twice in the spring of 2010 the legislature took a vote to roll it back to 5%. It was soundly defeated both times.
  • The legislature is overrun with incumbents – both Democratic and Republican – who want to keep Massachusetts state spending high. The legislature, along with every governor in Massachusetts – whether Democrat or Republican – has raised state spending by about $1 billion every year.
  • Voting YES on 3 lets YOU decide – instead of the legislature.
  • If every legislative challenger on the ballot this November 2010 were to be elected, and if every one of them was a tax-cutter, there would not be enough votes to reduce the sales tax.
  • Unless voters pass Question 3 to reduce the sales tax to 3%, there will be no broad-based tax cut for everyday voters.
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