Why not just let the legislature vote to reduce our sales tax or income tax?

  • Tax cuts in Massachusetts happen by ballot initiative, not by the legislature. This has been true for decades.
  • The Legislature has shown their willingness to increase the sales tax, not decrease it. They voted to increase the sales tax by 25% effective August 1,2009 (from 5% to 6.25%). Twice in the spring of 2010 the legislature took a vote to roll it back to 5%. It was soundly defeated both times.
  • The legislature is overrun with incumbents who want to keep Massachusetts state spending high.
  • Voting YES on 3 lets YOU decide – instead of the legislature.
  • If every legislative challenger on the ballot this November were to be elected, and if every one of them was a tax-cutter, there would not be enough votes to reduce the sales tax.
  • Unless Question 3 passes to reduce the sales tax to 3%, there will be no broad-based tax cut for everyday voters.
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