Where will taxpayers and their families be forced to cut spending if we keep the sales tax at its new high of 6.25%?

Some want to know, “Where will we cut government spending if Question 3 passes?” We present many ideas at this web site for where to cut.

But politicians, special interests and the media seem to care only about government. They want this to be the only question you ask.

What about the other side of the equation — that politicians and the media love to ignore:

“Where do everyday taxpayers need to cut to pay high taxes and make ends meet?”

Should they tell their kids they can’t have new cloths for school? That they should wear shoes that don’t fit any more?

Should they put off sending their kids to college?

Should they default on student loans, credit card payments, or their mortgage?

Should they skip their annual family vacation again – for the third year in a row?

Should they put off saving for their retirement until they are 60  years old?

Should they take money out of their retirement savings? Or take out another equity loan on their home?

Should they put off fixing pipes that drip or unsafe electrical wiring in their homes? Let their roof rot until it starts to leak?

Should they delay getting their teeth fixed, or getting a needed medical test?

Are all these expenditures less important than the tens of billions of dollars in government waste, pork, patronage, and sweetheart deals – spent with your tax dollars by state politicians every year?

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