What will happen if we vote Yes on 3?

  • It will reduce the Massachusetts state sales tax to 3%, starting January 1, 2011 (right after Christmas!)
  • It will create 33,000 new productive, private sector jobs.
  • It will get us half way to a level playing field with New Hampshire’s 0% sales tax and help save our Massachusetts retailers – and jobs.
  • It will attract shoppers from Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York. Another boost for Mass. retailers and jobs.
  • It will rollback state government spending less than 5% to the budget level of 2009, cutting about $ 2.5 billion from $51.8 billion in total state spending. A trivial reduction compared to the doom-and-gloom predictions of “decimation” that opponents claim.
  • It leaves local government spending and all essential services intact.
  • It will force politicians to cut government waste, bureaucracy, and sweetheart deals.
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