The Government Unemployment Rate is at least MINUS 30%

by Carla Howell

Is the government-sector unemployment really MINUS 30%?

At least.

Government unemployment may be MINUS 40%.

Am I serious? Yes!

What IS a MINUS 30% unemployment?

It’s having 30% MORE employees than the government needs.

It’s hiring and paying 30% MORE government employees than taxpayers want or need.

When government waste is over 30%, when government NON-essential spending is over 30%, when Big Government is at least 30% bigger than a super-majority of Americans want it to be – then government unemployment is 30% too high, then government unemployment is MINUS 30%.

It’s time to roll back Big Government – and let these unneeded government workers make or find jobs in the private sector. Productive, sustainable jobs.

Cutting taxes always stimulates PRIVATE-SECTOR JOBS.

What can YOU do to roll Back Big Government, cut tax, and create jobs?

Vote YES on 3 on November 2nd to roll back the Massachusetts sales tax to 3%.

YES on 3 will create 33,000 new, productive, private-sector jobs.

Vote YES on 3! (Make sure you’re registered by October 13th! Register today!)

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