Can I vote for Question 3?

  • No. Voting for Question 3 took place on November 2, 2010. However, there are many opportunities to fight Big Government in every election, in every state.
  • Vote for every small government candidate or ballot measure that you can. And if there are none on your ballot, vote anyway! Write in your name and vote for yourself – or another resident of your district who’s committed to making government small. This will signal to politicians that you do NOT approve of, nor authorize, their Big Government taxes and spending — but that you ARE ready and willing to vote for small government when it’s on the ballot. This will encourage small government candidates to run for office and will encourage tax cutters to place measures on the ballot to reduce the size of government.
  • This is why it’s important that you VOTE on Election Day (or by absentee ballot) in every election, every year.
  • Be sure to register to vote, especially if you moved recently.
  • If small government voters neglect to register and to vote in every election, Big Government wins. Don’t give them the upper hand. Register to vote in your state today!
  • Already registered? Find other voters you know who want a tax cut. Ask them to register to vote today.
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