Emerging Controversy: Private-Sector Unemployment VS. Government-Sector Unemployment

Despite yelps and howls over alleged “painful cuts” in the government sector, government workers have been relatively unscathed by the current recession.

Private sector workers have had to bear almost the entire brunt of job losses:

Why Don’t Politicians Really Care About Unemployment? by Michael Cloud

The Government Unemployment Rate Is At Least MINUS 30% by Carla Howell

U.S. Unemployment: Private Sector VS. Government Sector by Edward J. O’Boyle, Ph.D.

What Is Your Unemployment Rate? Is It 1%, 10%, 20%, or 30%? by Charles Ormsby, Ph.D.

Want to do something to create private-sector jobs and bring them more inline with the government sector?

Rolling back taxes is the key.

Voters in Massachusetts have a chance to boost private-sector employment this November 2nd by voting YES on 3 – the statewide ballot initiative to roll back the sales tax to 3%.

Government Bailouts REDUCE private-sector jobs – while protecting and expanding government sector jobs.


YES on 3 will create over 27,000 productive, sustainable private-sector jobs.

That’s why voting YES on ballot question 3 in November is so important. It’s a rare opportunity to force politicians to do the only thing they can do to create jobs: cut spending and cut taxes!

Please pass on this message to every voter you know in Massachusetts. Thank you.

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