111,000 Voters Sign Ballot Initiative to Roll Back Sales Tax to 3%

Final  Petition Signatures to be Filed Wednesday, July 7 at 1:15 pm
with Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Elections Division

To: All News Media
For Immediate Release

Alliance to Roll Back Taxes

“33,000 new, Private Sector Jobs will be created by rolling back the Massachusetts Sales Tax from 6.25% to 3%,” said Carla Howell. “This is why over 56% of Unenrolled Voters, 70% of Republican Voters and 34% of Democratic Voters polled say they will vote for this urgently needed sales tax roll back.  (Suffolk University Poll.)

“Today, we filed the last of a bullet-proof, challenge-proof number of signatures for our ballot initiative to roll back the sales tax from 6.25% to 3%,” said Carla Howell, Chair of the Alliance to Roll Back Taxes.

“We needed a final 11,099 certified signatures to qualify for the November 2nd ballot. Today, we turned in the last of over 14,012 validated signatures – 2,913 more signatures than the law requires.”

Roll Back the Sales Tax to 3% Petitioning Numbers
May-July 2010
Raw Signatures Collected    18,233+
Legally Certified Signatures 14,012
Certified Required by Law    11,099
Challenge-Proof Margin          2,913
Fall 2009
Raw Signatures Collected     93,000+
Legally certified Signatures   74,131
Certified Required by Law     66,593
Challenge-Proof Margin           7,538
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