Get rid of what Boston Globe calls “bloat and dysfunction” in state and local spending

  • Who’d a thunk it? Even the Boston Globe concedes that politicians continue to give away “utterly unjustified concessions to their public employees.”
  • In an editorial on 5/2/10,  the Boston Globe, fearing our sales tax roll back initiative might win this November, pleads MA legislators to make REAL government spending cuts — especially bloated government employee pensions.
  • Globe “It’s not just the firefighters; many other unions have resisted cost-cutting changes. It’s not just the unions; public employees at multiple levels benefit from a pension system that remains overly generous. And it’s not just payments to employees and retirees; some entire agencies, including the Probation Department, need to be overhauled, and others, such as most pension boards, need to be abolished altogether.”
  • By postponing hard choices, Beacon Hill risks greater pain
  • Save $ Billions
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