Overview: Where to Cut State Government Spending When We Vote To Roll Back the Sales Tax to 3%

  • Want specific ideas of where to cut just over $2 billion out of the $52 billion the state spends every year? Just click on each item in this list to see a description of where we can cut state spending – with no impact on essential services. Click again to close it.
  • Can we safely cut 5% of state spending? You bet! According to a Fabrizio poll in 2008 of Massachusetts voters, the state wastes 41 cents on every dollar it spends – a staggering $21 billion of your tax dollars – every year.
  • That’s as much as the cost of the Big Dig!
  • That’s ten times more than needed to roll back back the sales tax to 3%.
  • That’s why making needed cuts when we roll back the sales tax to 3% is a drop in the bucket. A first step towards cleaning out waste from Massachusetts state government spending.
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2 Responses to “Overview: Where to Cut State Government Spending When We Vote To Roll Back the Sales Tax to 3%”

  1. Clay Evans V says:

    Eliminating the MassHealth Program would save our Commonwealth $10.39 billion, more than enough revenue to to afford a $2.34 billion reduction of the state sales tax. This measure would remove our state government from any involvement in the health care sector, thus allowing the private market to operate more efficiently. Additioanlly, abolishing the MassHealth program would likely reduce health insurance premiums statewide by 10 percent.

  2. mike kelly says:

    i dont aprove of tossing out mass health seeing that my girlfriend recieves mass health i dont think thats right to take away the only healthcare system that some people can a fford. if you want to cut take it out of local aid and chapter 70 for education theres more waste in our public schools than ive ever seen i think the schools waste the most money including vocational schools when you have superintendents making 185000 a year and people are losing there jobs thats wrong and heres another cost cutting measure that deval can do toss out the mcas test once and for all and go to the national tests that test is a waste of money and heres another one why dont we get rid of the excise tax theres another wasteful tax we pay . the more we cut the sales tax down the more there just gonna have to do with out too bad . welcome to thereal world and hey maybe deval can go back to a crown victoria for a car no need for a cadilac.

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