Move “Off Budget” Spending To On-Budget

  • The Massachusetts legislature and governor spend $23 billion of your tax dollars – every year – in what they call “off-budget” spending.
  • Politicians refuse to publish details about this off-budget spending.
  • What are they hiding? How much of it is waste? Sweetheart deals, nepotism jobs, and lucrative government contracts? Redundancy? Unnecessary bureaucracies? Lavish pensions? Items of extremely low priority?
  • Our sales tax cut reduces government spending by just $2.34 billion. One tenth of the amount “off-budget” spending.
  • We can cut total state government spending by up to ten times the amount of the sales tax roll back by implementing a new rule:
    • Move all “off budget” spending to the operating budget. Any state government spending not reported “on budget” – in the full light of day – gets no funding.
  • Now that’s a reasonable proposition that any honest candidate or legislature who claims to represent taxpayers – and not special interests – should be proud to support and vote for. And a fast way to cut $23 billion from state government spending – or, if they comply, expose billions of dollars of waste ripe for cutting.
  • Save $ Billions
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