Why MA State Government can easily afford to give back just $2.5B to The People

$$ Eliminate
Wasteful Duplication  Massachusetts taxpayers will
fork over $9,000,000 this year for a redundant government bureau
to chase backyard moose, investigate roadkill and bust ATV and
snow mobile scofflaws, all of which are handled already by
existing police agencies.
Waste Deep
Probation Dept Reform Now
Hundreds of milllions of dollars can be saved
for the taxpayers of Massachusetts with just a few commonsense
reforms at the Probation Dept, report finds.
Probation Dept. Flaws Prove
$ Stop Paying Pensions to Convicted
Thieves John R.
Buonomo, the former registrar of probate for Middlesex County who
caught on carmera
stealing public funds, may be serving time
behind bars, but he can still count on his pension check arriving
on time every month. Convicted Thief to Keep
Cut out ‘Eye-popping’ Salaries at Quasi-public
Agencies Taxpayers will save millions over the next ten
years when the sales tax is reduced to 3% and the politicians are
finally forced to cut absurdly bloated salaries, including 76
employees who are paid more than the governor. DeLeo Stalls as agencies’ pay skyrockets
Put an End to ‘Party’
Politics Party-hearty Beacon Hill
lawmakers are chipping in taxpayer dough to an old Kentucky
hoedown where they will schmooze with lobbyists, play the ponies,
swill bourbon on Churchill Downs’ “Millionaires
Row” and enjoy a private serenade by Wynonna Judd and
Loretta Lynn.  $$
Stand up to bullying government
unions Tell the Boston firefighters
union that if they insist on blackmailing citizens by refusing
safety measures without extra pay, then maybe we should not only
refuse their demands but replace them with workers willing to
work for market wages. That would mean lowering their
pay AND ending their cushy retirement packages.
City Council must stop indefensible firefighter
$ Pay for Pork Projects using Private
donations The
amount of taxpayer money being funneled to a Dorchester shrine to
the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy has ballooned to $38 million and
could rise to at least $68 million this year, infuriating
watchdog groups who insist the project should be privately
funded. Temple for Ted Kennedy built with
Cap spending on government employee
health benefits Even as taxpayers are being forced to pay
higher and higher health insurance premiums, government employees
continue to be spoiled with huge annual spending hikes to cover
their families’ rising health expenses. Taxpayers will save
millions of dollars a year when we cut the sales tax to 3% and
start requiring government servants to pay their fair share.
Budget has $20m hike for health
$$ Government employee pay hits record
highs Want
to know the real reason Washington and Beacon Hill will fight
tooth-and-nail to convince you to vote against a sales tax roll
back for your family? Follow the money. If you live in Salem,
follow it to one of the 45 city employees earning $100,000 a year
or more – up from 34 just two years ago. The median household
income in Salem is less than $60,000.
Money Talks as Anger
Banish Bogus Disability Pensions Massachusetts taxpayers will
get back plenty when state and local officials are finally forced
to stop forking over millions in questionable disability

Taxpayers Forced to Overpay for government
employee disability pensions

$$$ Put an End to Posh Perks, sell off
surplus state land; stop threatening taxpayers
Massachusetts taxpayers will
receive huge breaks when voters this fall force the legislature
to auction off unnecessary and expensive real estate
holdings that are currently being misused as sweet perks for
state workers. State Workers get Sweet Deals on Posh
Cutback state employee buybacks The Boston Herald has
exposed nine more six-figure payouts to retiring state employees,
with the top recipient receiving a whopping $151,000. State workers splurge on $41 million
$$$ Eagan: Derail the
Gravy Train! You know the age-old excuse
around here. Taxpayers have to pay and pay for ridiculous
pensions and Cadillac health benefits to government workers –
legislators, city councilors, court clerks, PR flaks, highway
workers, janitors, etc. – to lure talented people from the
private sector, where they’d make higher salaries. Not
true! The jig is up! The scam revealed… Public

$$ Wipe out waste and overspending in
“Ed reform”
in Massachusetts has scammed taxpayers out of billions of
dollars since its passage in 1993, an independent state audit revealing massive
cost overruns and poor oversight has shown. Now the teachers
unions are salivating anew as Beacon Hill prepares to dump yet
another $250 million into the state’s chronically failing urban
schools. When will the politicians learn that pouring more good
money onto the problem of  badly managed schooling never solves
the problem? Stopping this latest wasteful “ed reform”
expenditure will save taxpayers hundreds of  millions of dollars.
Dramatic shake-up planned at 12 city
$$ KO
outrageous OT
Even as the private sector job market reels from
a deep recession, high unemployment and escalating taxes, state
government continues to dole out millions in six-figure overtime
payouts to state employees. Eliminating overtime waste will save
Massachusetts taxpayers tens of millions of dollars over the next
5 years. Government employees line pockets with
Overtime Bonanza
Roll Back
As taxpayers across America rise up against Obamacare,
Mitt Romney’s original socialized medicine scheme here in MA
illustrates the fiscal chaos of government-controlled ,
government mandated health care. Repealing Romneycare will save
taxpayers billions over the next decade alone.
Graham: RomneyCare to cost $900 million next year
more nepotism
Rampant nepotism is costing MA taxpayers millions, as
relatives and friends of government officials crowd state and
local payrolls. Cutting no-show jobs and banning special favors
will save MA taxpayers untold millions annually. Carr: The Hack Train is
Curtail Court System
Massachusetts courts are notorious for waste and
inefficiency. Streamlining the system will save millions
annually. Six-figure Court Clerks of

Cut back Cadillac Health Coverage for government
While health care benefits continue shrinking in the
private sector, government employees continue to enjoy Cadillac
coverage at taxpayers’ expense. Who is serving whom? Bringing
government employee health coverage in line with the private
sector will save taxpayers billions over the next decade.
Exploding Municipal Health Care Costs
Wrecking Budgets; Unions Won’t Budge

Cancel Corporate
Ending Corporate welfare in Massachusetts will save
taxpayers billions of dollars over the next 20 years. Corporate Welfare Recipients Skirt
Reporting Rules
$ Rein in ritzy employee buybacks
Extravagant government-employee buybacks are soaking
private-sector workers whose benefits continue to shrink. Ending
lucrative government buybacks will save MA taxpayers millions
annually. Gov’t Employees Cash in Millions on
Unload what’s
Cutting the waste from state government must
begin with the basics. Shutting down unnecessary and/or
harmful government programs and selling off unused and
unneeded assets and real estate could recoup billions for
taxpayers over the next five years. State Spends Millions On Empty Parking
$ They just don’t get it! As
the great Jerry Williams used to say, “They just don’t get it!”
The very same people who voted recently to raise taxes on
struggling Massachusetts workers; the very same people who voted
recently to drive more good jobs out of the state, refuse to
share in the pain that they themselves created. Pols Refuse to take
$$$ End budget-shattering highway
Government road and highway construction projects are
notorious for wrapping up months and even
years late and coming in millions and even billions over budget.
Introducing commonsense, independent oversight of
government-funded road and highway projects will identify and
save taxpayers billions over the next two to three decades.
Many Highway Projects Millions Over
$ Stop padding
legislative pensions
Legislators fudge their salaries to pad their pensions.
(Try doing this where you work!) WBZ I-Team Follows Up On State Pension
six-figure government pensions
Imagine getting a six-figure pension for mostly
part-time work. That is just one perk in our state pension system
that is costing you millions of dollars. State Pension System Costing You

$$ Homeland Security, or Highway
Local sheriffs and state pols misuse millions in
“homeland security” funds to expand their power. I-Team Investigates Mass. Sheriff’s
State officials misappropriate
millions for unnecessary ‘security’ equipment

$ Stop misusing toll
When you pay a highway toll in Massachusetts, you might
assume every penny is used to pay for road upkeep, or at least to
help pay off the Big Dig. If so, you assume wrong. Toll Money Given to Charities, Pol
$$ No more no-show government
Another high-paid state employee is caught working
half-days at full-day pay. Eliminate wasteful, no-show positions
throughout the state and local bueaucracies and save millions. Court Employees Scam Taxpayers

$ Junk the
junketsTraining seminars or tax-paid junckets? End questionable
out-of-state expenditures and save hundreds of thousands of tax
dollars over the next decade. Corrections Dept. conferences Cost
Taxpayers Millions
BONU$ LINK$ Massachusetts Port Authority
2009 State Pensions 2008 Romneycare Payroll

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