Big Government Politicians stick it to private sector workers

Private sector workers in Massachusetts over the past two years (since 2008) are lucky if they did not suffer:

  • a lost job
  • reduced work hours
  • a furlough
  • a pay cut
  • multiple pay cuts
  • going out of business
  • home foreclosure

They’re lucky if their job isn’t a whole lot more at risk than it used to be.

They’re lucky if their spouse, other workers in their household, or other family members didn’t suffer one of these setbacks.

In the face of these difficult and shaky times, what have state government politicians done with your tax dollars?

They spent more of it!

Instead of shrinking total state spending, they increased it — by more than $2 billion!

Instead of cutting back employment, they hired more workers. There are thousands more government workers in Massachusetts today than there were two years ago – despite politicians’ cries of “painful cuts.”

Instead of dismantling unnecessary and wasteful bureaucracies, they created new Big Government Programs and bureaucracies.

Instead of bringing government employee compensation in line with the private sector, they gave away more lucrative pay and retirement benefits packages.

Instead of cutting taxes – they raised your taxes. The biggest tax increase was the sales tax increase to 6.25%.

The only way to reverse the loss of jobs in Massachusetts is to reduce the size, scope, spending and taxation of Big Government – and put that money back into the private sector.

It’s Economics 101.

We have a ballot initiative to cut the sales tax to 3%. To cut spending by $2.34 billion. A modest, first step towards fiscal responsibility.

This sales tax cut to 3% will force politicians to cut government spending all the way back to the year 2008. Remember that far away time? You know, back when you and most of your friends still had a job that wasn’t on the brink of being eliminated?

How much chutzpah does it take for a politician to claim the government can’t cut back total state government spending to the year 2008?

How much greed does it take for the politicians to give away more government jobs and more government employee benefits — on the backs of taxpayers – whose jobs and job hopes are diminishing?

How much deception does it take to pretend that even in good times there isn’t tens of billions of dollars in state government waste – at least an order of magnitude more than the size of our modest sales tax cut – that is long overdue for downsizing?

Our 3% sales tax cut reduces total government spending by a mere 4.7%. That’s less than the amount by which politicians increased state government spending in the last two years.

And it’s much less than what the private sector has lost in the last two years in lay offs, pay cuts, furloughs, and closed businesses.

So when a Massachusetts politician opposes cutting the sales tax to 3% – and cutting total government spending by a mere 4.7% – who are they speaking for?

  • The taxpayers of Massachusetts? Or the tax consumers?
  • Private sector workers and taxpayers? Or government employee unions, government contractors, and other institutions that profit from high government spending?

Are you tired of Big Government? High spending? High taxes?

Get involved. Help us cut the Massachusetts sales tax this year.

Let’s bring jobs back to Massachusetts – and stop more job losses.

Vote YES on 3 in November!

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  1. bob says:

    why dont our state legistrators be like the private sector worker and stop taking there milage and tolls,meals expenses back to the general fund.maybe better pass a law that they wont get this perk…

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