What about the jobs cut from the state payroll?

Your Yes vote to cut the sales tax in half will create a net gain of 15,821 jobs in Massachusetts — even after government worker layoffs. Applying the metrics from the Beacon Hill study, for every one job we cut from the government payroll, we’ll get two private sector jobs.

Cutting the sales tax from 6.25% to 3% will require the legislature to eliminate 17,108 wasteful and unnecessary jobs, such as political paybacks and redundancies. Jobs that politicians should eliminate anyway.

Your Yes vote to cut the sales tax creates 32,929 new private sector jobs – giving Massachusetts workers a net increase of 15,821 jobs.

Does cutting one wasteful and unnecessary government job in order to create two private sector jobs sound like a good formula for saving the Massachusetts economy to you?

Not only will we have more jobs, we’ll have better jobs. Why? Because private sector jobs are the engine of economic growth.

Government jobs merely consume tax dollars, which sets back the economy and diminishes our wealth.

Private sector jobs create wealth, spur economic growth and make us more financially secure.

Endless growth of government — at the expense of job-creating private businesses — is unsustainable. If we don’t stop the Big Government gravy train of handing out jobs we can’t afford, some day everyone’s going to be out of a job.

We must cut back on government spending – now! – and allow the private sector to flourish.

Vote Yes to cut the sales tax – and create desperately-needed jobs!

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