If this sales tax cut passes, how much more will I see in my family’s budget every year?

Voting Yes on 3 reduces the amount that the state now takes from Massachusetts taxpayers by $2.34 billion (less than 5% of the $51.8 billion they spend). With 3,400,000 workers and taxpayers in the state, that’s an average of $688 each in their family budgets — every year. For couples where both work, that’s an average of $1,376 back every year.

$688 or $1,376 — every year — that your family can use to pay your bills, pay off credit card debt, and keep food on the table.

Will you need to buy a car in the next few years? When you do, you cannot avoid the Massachusetts sales tax, even if you buy it in New Hampshire. State politicians will hit you up for a 6.25% tax when you register your car in Massachusetts — unless you vote Yes on 3 to roll the sales tax back to 3%.

Yes on 3 gives you back $650 on the purchase of a $20,000 car and $487 on a $15,000 car.

Look at your sales receipts to see how much you’ll get back when you buy meals, gifts, school supplies, computers, pharmacy products, appliances, electronics, alcoholic beverages, home and yard goods, furniture, tools, CDs and DVDs, musical equipment, sporting gear, car tires – it all adds up. Cutting the sales tax to 3% saves you money on every one of these purchases you make in Massachusetts.

Who needs that money more? Politicians on Beacon Hill?  Or you and 3,400,000 other hard-working, tax-paying men and women in Massachusetts? Families who are losing jobs, losing their homes, or at risk of losing their job or their home? Young students facing daunting school loans as they struggle to find work? Older workers who are finding it harder and harder to find a job? Seniors living on a fixed income?

We must cut back on unnecessary high taxes to help these families stay solvent, pay their bills, and keep food on the table.

Voting Yes on 3 to roll back the sales tax to 3% means voting for a permanent, across-the-board 3.25% discount on every taxable purchase you – and 3,400,000 other workers and taxpayers – make in Massachusetts.

Help Massachusetts families make ends meet in these tough economic times. Vote Yes to roll back the sales tax.

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