Christy Mihos…Major Republican Governor Candidate Endorses, Campaigns For, and Donates to Our Initiative to Roll Back the Sales Tax

MetroWest Daily News reported 11/7/09

“Christy Mihos told 50 city and business leaders at the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce that he is working with Carla Howell, of the Alliance to Roll Back Taxes, on a 2010 ballot question that would lower the state sales tax from 6.25 percent to 3 percent.

“Businesses in northeastern Massachusetts are ‘getting crushed’ because New Hampshire has no sales tax, Mihos said.

“In addition, Mihos said he wants to eliminate the estate tax, cut the capital gains tax, decrease the income tax to 4 percent, cut filing fees for small businesses and take down tolls on the Mass. Turnpike.

“Mihos said he would use executive powers to cut the number of state employees by 10 percent. That would save an estimated $600 million per year, he said.”

When we contacted Mr. Mihos for comment, he told us:

“When I give speeches, when I reach the section on rolling back the sales tax to 3%, my audiences burst into applause and give me standing ovations.”

Christy Mihos personally donated $10,000 in September and $10,000 in October to help fund our petition drive. We appreciate his donations.

A Rasmussen Poll on October 26, 2009 shows Christy Mihos in a dead heat for the Republican Nomination. Charles D. Baker, the other major Republican in the race OPPOSES our ballot initiative to roll back the sales tax.

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