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Benefits of Rolling Back the Sales Tax to 3%:

  • Creates 32,929 NEW private sector jobs in Massachusetts
  • Eliminates 17,108 unneeded tax-funded government jobs
  • Attracts $132.6 million in new private investment to Massachusetts
  • Reduces the total Massachusetts tax burden by $2.34 billion
  • Reduces total state government spending – which is $51 billion today – by 4.7%
  • Gives you a $688 bonus tax refund each year – dollar by dollar, every time you shop.
  • Gives 3,400,000 Massachusetts workers each an average $688 bonus tax refund. Every year.
  • Gives Massachusetts shoppers a big savings for buying in Massachusetts – instead of driving to tax-free New Hampshire to avoid our 6.25% sales tax. This will mean tens of millions of dollars in additional business each year for Massachusetts Retailers.

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