Cut toll taker salaries down from average of $75,000 / year

Like the idea that the person collecting ever-increasing tolls from you on the Mass Pike is making an average salary of $75,000? Does it take as much skill as the job of a gas station attendee – who makes $20,000/year? Pay toll-takers what they’re worth! Save $ Millions

Repeal Local Mandates

Hundreds of state mandates imposed on cities and towns force up local spending (and force up property taxes too).  For example, local officials’ hands are tied when negotiating labor contracts. Repealing these mandates would drive down local spending levels substantially. The savings could be applied to cuts in state aid – with no impact on […]

Stop overpaying school employees

In Belmont, as in many Mass. towns, school employees are among the top earners in town. (A coincidence that the Teachers Unions are funding 97% of the opposition to Question 3?) Teachers’ pay continues to increase when many other departments — not to mention most private sector employers — are cutting back. Once teachers, who […]

Replace pricey police detail with flagmen

Project managers overseeing Boston University Bridge repairs have an eye-popping $2 million budget – just for police details, i.e., flagmen. This was needed to pay for police officers making $48 per hour and for getting paid a full shift (4 or 8 hours) when they work as little as half an hour. What do flagman […]

Don’t let government unions block volunteers

Beacon Hill must repeal costly and unnecessary credentialism, the laws that protect greedy government employee unions from competition even for easy tasks that a child could do. The teachers’ union in Bridgewater and Raynham has filed a labor grievance that could block volunteers from keeping the school district’s libraries open after a recent round of layoffs. […]

Rein in ritzy employee buybacks

An allegedly cash-starved City of Boston still dished out a staggering $17 million last year to more than 3,600 city workers for their unused sick and vacation days. Boston City Workers cash in Millions on Buybacks Save $10 of Millions

Stop paying for welfare recipients’ beer, gambling, and flat-screen TVs

Bay State welfare recipients can play the slots, pick up a six-pack of beer or nab a flat-screen plasma under loosey-goosey state government restrictions that allow those on the dole to treat taxpayers’ wallets as their own personal ATM. Welfare Card Can Be Swiped for Booze, Slots Save $100s of Thousands

Bring payrolls and pensions in line with the private sector

Fat payrolls and pensions in state government make government employees overpaid and over-compensated compared to what workers in the private sector get for the same job Save $10s of  Billions

Junk the junkets

The corrections department is spending millions of taxpayer dollars on alleged training seminars. Or are they tax-paid junkets? End questionable out-of-state expenditures. Save $100s of Thousands

End no-show government jobs

Another high-paid state employee is caught working half-days at full-day pay. Eliminate wasteful, no-show positions throughout the state and local bureaucracies. Save $ Millions