Petitioning Deadline Approaching Fast – Need Your Help NOW!

The second of two required signature drives to put Roll Back Taxes on the ballot is nearing the deadline – we need your help now! We already collected over 93,000 raw signatures last fall to get us this far. We need another 19,000 raw voter signatures now.

Please sign up now to get one with instructions on how to sign it – and mail it back immediately – no later than June 10th! (Deadline for actual delivery extended to Sunday, June 13th.)

You can still collect signatures after the 13th ONLY IF you restrict signatures to those of voters living in towns to which you are able and willing to deliver the petition sheets yourself. However, please contact our headquarters before you try this. We must coordinate our efforts to ensure these signatures will count!

Note: final deadline for delivery direct to cities and towns is 5:00 P.M. Wednesday, June 23rd. The sooner, the better!

Be sure to read the instructions we send you when you sign up VERY CAREFULLY – or your signature won’t count.

Tell your friends!

Every signature we get from volunteers and supporters for free is a signatures we don’t have to pay professionals to gather for us. So please help us keep costs down and make this drive succeed. Please print a petition for your friends – or just send them here!

If you’ve been collecting signatures – thank you. We need them turned in ASAP.

If you need help, contact our headquarters via:  this link.


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